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What if we could reduce our piles and folders of printed sheet music and have them available with a digital device to our convenience for any occasion.

A device that helps you to reduce paper consumption. It´s design is slim, light weight and extreme durable and therefore able to support you within your environment as a musician. Nothing less.

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May we introduce Sonatis to you?

A new electronic music reader device that offers reliability, low power consumption and long lasting durability.

Sonatis is like an electronic file folder for musicians. In everyday use, it replaces the music book or endless sheets of music stuck together. As if you have always used on your music stand a Sonatis device instead of paper music scores

The name Sonatis has been carefully selected to symbolize that information displayed on the screen encourages a user to turn that information into music either through a musical instrument or through the voice.

Sonatis Features


According our goal „one function - many possibilities“, we have equipped Sonatis with additional accessories.

We therefore offer additional value for a wide variety of applications and are sure that we have taken into account that musicians work in diverse rehearsal and concert conditions.

In order to provide you with a maximum of benefits we have fitted Sonatis with a few practical features that will help you to use Sonatis in your familiar environment.

Electronic music reader with 13,3 inch E-Ink Display universal connectivity through a 3/8 inch threaded insert 4 metric inserts M4 for VESA – standard Top and back cover with inserts 4 AA batteries
Accessories (included)
SD-card LED reading light 3,5 Stereo phone jack for foot switch (included) Microphone grip adapter 3/8 inch Wrist strap Magnet for metal sheet music stand 3/8 inch ball joint adapter PDF conversion software Storage bag
Sonatis rear case
Multifunctional rear case
Sonatis rear case
Multifunctional rear case

Sonatis keeps the contact to the outside world not over the ever-popular wireless connections but alone through an SD card. As a result, no processor has to constantly search for a radio signal. In addition, we do not operate Sonatis with one of the well-known operating systems which constantly bother us with new updates and software versions. After all, we do not have an IT department that always tests first to see if an app is working.

For the screen we use the13.3 inch E-Ink flexible display with a resolution of 2200 x 1650 pixels. This energy-saving display with e-ink technology behaves bistable. Power is only consumed when the page content changes. This allows us to do without an on / off switch.

Display E-Ink ES133UT2/ED133UT2 resolution 1600 x 1200
Storage SD-card
Pageturn 3,5 Stereo phone jack
Wi-Fi no
Bluetooth no
Touch no
Batteries 4 x AA
Operating System Proprietary software
File type PDF
Light LED reading light
Connectivity microphone stand 3/8 inch threaded insert
Connectivity microphone clamp Microphone grip adapter 3/8 inch
Connectivity music stand metal Magnet
Portability Wrist strap
Table version 3/8 inch ball joint adapter
Vesa - Standard 4 x M4 inserts (10mm) for VESA mount
Repairability yes
Foot switch Two single pedals left/right
Protection Storage bag
Sonatis with Microphone grip adapter
Microphone grip adapter
Sonatis with wrist strap
Wrist strap
Sonatis SD-card slot


Since we operate Sonatis with our own software, the device communicates only via SD-card with the outside world. Therefore it is not susceptible to malware and viruses neither can information be intercepted.

In order for a PDF to be displayed on an e-ink display, PDF file must first be converted into a pixel graphic which then can be displayed on the display.

Sonatis SD-card slot

Features of the E-Ink technology

E-Ink displays only need power when the content of the screen changes. Unfortunately there is an unpleasant peculiarity. After changing the screen some shadows (ghosting) from previous contents can lead to a slight clouding of the screen.

To prevent this, the content of the entire screen must be deleted at regular intervals, which, however, has a negative effect on the refresh rate.

As part of the development, we solved this problem and managed to create quick page turns, including deletion of the old content.

Refresh rate of Sonatis software

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